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ʿAmudah: Kidnapped activist remains in PYD‑prison

KURDWATCH, August 18, 2013—Muhammad Khair Qanjo continues to be detained by the PYD. He took part in the anti-PYD demonstration in ʿAmudah on June 27, 2013 [further information] and was kidnapped by the PYD along with dozens of other activists that same day. ʿAbdurrahim Tikhubi, member of the Cooperation of the Youth of ʿAmudah, told KurdWatch: »Qanjo is accused of throwing stones at PYD posters and banners. PYD/YPG martyrs were depicted on the posters. Qanjo has admitted to the deed.« Aside from Qanjo, all those who were detained by the PYD in connection with the demonstration in ʿAmudah have since been released.


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