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Al-Qamishli: Nine-point plan for the administration of the Kurdish regions signed

KURDWATCH, September 18, 2013—On September 8, 2013, the Kurdish National Council and the People’s Council of Western Kurdistan signed a nine-point plan, which contains principles for the transitional administration of the Kurdish regions. The preamble emphasizes that this »does not mean a secession from Syria and presents no threat to neighboring states«. In addition, it invites all Kurdish parties, other Syrian demographic groups such as Arabs, Assyrians, and Armenians, as well as civil society organizations to discuss and support the draft. A total of nine points follow:
1. After reaching agreement with the other groups, a committee to prepare a draft of a transitional constitution will be formed within a period of no more than forty days.
2. Each party will name representatives for the transitional committee.
3. Immediately after drafting the transitional constitution, the transitional committee will form a Joint Democratic Transitional Administration.
4. The transitional committee is authorized to prepare a democratic electoral law.
5. The transitional administration is part of the executive power and establishes institutions to facilitate its administrative, political, economic, social, and cultural work as well as to ensure protection and security.
6. Protection and security forces are tasked with ensuring security and stability in the Kurdish and in the mixed regions. They are patriotic institutions, adhere to all international laws and conventions, and are accountable to the transitional administration.
7. Fair, democratic elections will be carried out within a period of six months after the formation of the transitional administration. International and local observers, as well as civil society and human rights organizations, are free to observe the elections.
8. The elected General Council of the transitional administration will assume the capacity of legislative power and will represent all demographic groups in the Kurdish and in the mixed regions.
9. The General Council is authorized to prepare a constitution that respects human rights and is consistent with international conventions and traditions.


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