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ʿAfrin: YPG kidnaps brothers

KURDWATCH, October 8, 2013—On September 20, 2013, armed members of the Asayiş, the security service of the Democratic Union Party (PYD), stormed the house of Nuri ʿUthman Mamo (sixty years old, married, six children) in Shaikh al‑Hadid (Şiyê, thirty kilometers west of ʿAfrin), kidnapping Mamo and his brother ʿInayat Mamo (forty-three years old, married, five children) and also taking possession of a hunting rifle and a motorcycle. Both brothers were released two days later, but were immediately detained again by the Asayiş for another four days following their release. A sister-in-law of the brothers stated to KurdWatch: »A Kurd from Turkey and two Syrian Kurds from the Jazirah interrogated my brothers-in-law. They were accused of possessing four hundred kilos of hashish, which the Asayiş claims to have found. My brother-in-law Nuri said ironically that he would then be owed a larger share of the profit and that this would improve his financial situation significantly. Then he demanded that his kidnappers come up with more credible lies and that they shouldn’t make a fool of themselves. Later my brothers-in-law were asked about their relationship to the Kurdish Freedom Party in Syria and were accused of recruiting young men and providing them with military training. My brother-in-law Nuri was a senior member of the Azadî’s predecessor party, but he hasn’t been politically active in years.«


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