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Damascus: Detainee brutally tortured by National Defense Force

KurdWatch, October 14, 2013—On July 10, 2013, Jamal Ahmad ʿAli (b. in ad‑Darbasiyah) was arrested at a National Defense Force checkpoint in the majority Kurdish district of Wadi al‑Mashariʿ (Zorava) in Damascus. Muhammad Sadiq ʿAbdurrahman ʿUthman, a fellow prisoner, who has since been released [further information on the case], stated to KurdWatch: »When Jamal Ahmad ʿAli was stopped at the checkpoint, he was threatened with arrest if he did not pay one hundred thousand Syrian liras. He could not come up with this sum, therefore he was brought to us in the National Defense Force prison. Jamal was brutally tortured for six days. His back and legs were burned with boiling cooking oil.« ʿAli is accused of having helped soldiers to desert.


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