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Damascus: Kurdish activist released on bail

KURDWATCH, October 22, 2013—On September 11, 2013, the Terrorism Court in Damascus released the student and activist Jigarkhwin ʿAbdurrazzaq Mula Ahmad [further information on the case] from custody on bail, in so doing the court granted a petition by his attorney. Mula Ahmad was arrested on March 3, 2012 in Aleppo. Due to ongoing fighting, his case was transferred from the Military Court in Aleppo to the Terrorism Court in Damascus. Three judges, including one military judge, preside over the court, which was initiated by Presidential Decree 22 on July 15 2012. The defendants include both civilians and members of the military. On October 13, employees of the Syrian Red Crescent as well as the International Red Cross received Mula Ahmad in Aleppo. It is not yet known when the next court hearing will take place.


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