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ʿAmudah: Another minor recruited by PYD against parents’ will

KURDWATCH, December 31, 2014—On December 23, 2014, fighters for the Democratic Union Party’s (PYD) People’s Defense Units (YPG) recruited ninth-grader Hamrin ʿAbdulhamid Husayn (known by the family name ʿIdi) without seeking her parents’ consent. The girl was picked up in front of her parental home in ʿAmudah. In a press release, her brother Marwan ʿIdi stated: »I went to the Democratic Union Party’s Women’s Defense Units and Asayiş. Both claimed that Hamrin was not with them. However, Hamrin had contacted a friend by phone and had told her she and a group of girls were on their way to a military training ground in the Qandil mountains.« On December 24, 2014, about ten family members of Hamrin’s organized a rally in ʿAmudah and demanded that the PYD let their daughter return home.


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