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Erbil: Kurdish National Council and TEV‑DEM agree on composition of Kurdish Decision-Making Body

KURDWATCH, January 30, 2015—On January 24, 2015, after several days of negotiations in Erbil, representatives of the Kurdish National Council and the Movement for a Democratic Society (TEV‑DEM), which is controlled by the Democratic Union Party (PYD), agreed on the composition of the Kurdish Decision-making Body. The PYD was able to negotiate so that the representatives of the three parties excluded from the Kurdish National Council will remain in the Kurdish Decision-making Body. To this end, three new seats were created, which the PYD plans to fill with these representatives. For its part, the Kurdish National Council is also allowed to fill three newly created seats in addition to the twelve seats that it was previously held. The Kurdish National Council thus has a total of fifteen votes in the Kurdish Decision-making Body. In addition to its original twelve seats, TEV‑DEM controls the three seats belonging to the former representatives of the Kurdish National Council as well as at least five of the six seats whose filling led to the conflicts [further information].


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