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Al-Qamishli: Decision-making Body meets without Kurdish National Council

KURDWATCH, April 1, 2015—Following the withdrawal of the Kurdish National Council [further information], the Movement for a Democratic Society (TEV‑DEM) and the three parties expelled from the Kurdish National Council [further information] held a meeting of the Kurdish Decision-making Body on 26. March 2015. Only thirteen of the original thirty-six members were present (five independent members, five members of TEV‑DEM, and representatives of the three parties expelled from the Kurdish National Council). In a statement, the assembled members conceded that they did not have the 75seventy-five per cent needed to constitute a quorum. They called on the Kurdish National Council to resume cooperation. In contrast, Aldar Khalil, a member of TEV‑DEM’s executive committee, stated in an interview that since the Kurdish National Council’s withdrawal, a quorum is no longer based on the original thirty-six seats, but instead on the remaining twenty-one seats. According to Khalil, the thirteen members who were present would therefore constitute the necessary quorum. Apart from the fact that this statement is arithmetically incorrect, it raises the question of what the function of the Kurdish Decision-making Body should be in the absence of the Kurdish National Council’s cooperation. The Decision-making Body was founded as the result of negotiations in October 2014 that sought to renew efforts at cooperation between the National Council and the Democratic Union Party (PYD) [further information].


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