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ʿAfrin: Mahmud Kurish and Lazgin Barakat released

KURDWATCH, April 9, 2015—On March 26, 2015, the Asayiş, the security service of the Democratic Union Party (PYD), released Mahmud Hanan Kurish in ʿAfrin. He had been kidnapped on December 4, 2014 after he inquired about the fate of his uncle, Ibrahim Kurish, who had also been kidnapped [further information]. On March 30, 2014, Lazgin Barakat (b. 1989 in ʿAfrin) was also released. He had likewise been detained by the Asayiş since December 4, 2014. Barakat is a member of the Kurdistan Democratic Party – Syria (PDK‑S). He had reported Ibrahim Kurish’s arrest on Facebook and helped to organize a demonstration. Both Kurish and Barakat were tortured while imprisoned.i


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