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Al-Qamishli: Kurdish National Council accepts new members

KURDWATCH, June 1, 2015—In preparing for its third conference, the Kurdish National Council has accepted several applications for membership. Among the new members who can take part in the conference planned for June 2015 are the fraction of the Kurdish Democratic Party in Syria (el‑Partî) that did not take part at the last party conference in April 2015, thereby opposing Nasruddin Ibrahim [further information], as well as a splinter of the Kurdish Democratic Union Party in Syria (Democratic Yekîtî) under the leadership of Kamiran Haj ʿAbdu. ʿAbdu split the party [further information] after the Democratic Yekîtî under Muhyiddin Shaykh Ali (just as Nasruddin Ibrahim’s el‑Partî) were expelled from the Kurdish National Council in December 2014 because of their ties to the Democratic Union Party  (PYD) [further information]. In addition, splinters of the Kurdish Left Party in Syria and the Kurdish Democratic Left Party in Syria were also admitted. Both parties had been expelled from the Kurdish National Council in February 2014 after they joined the transitional administration of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) [further information]. Thus splinters of all of the parties expelled from the Kurdish National Council due to their ties to the PYD have been admitted. The number of members, especially of the splinters of the two left parties, is limited. In some cases it may only involve a dozen people. However, the parent parties are also not significantly larger. Also admitted into the Kurdish National Council were the two fractions of the Kurdish Future Movement in Syria. While Siamand Hajo’s party is clearly critical of the PYD, the other fraction of the Future Movement does not fundamentally reject talks with this party [further information]. A splinter of the Kurdish Youth Movement will also be represented in the National Council alongside the original Kurdish Youth Movement. The Kurdish Youth Movement is among the founding members of the Kurdish National Council. All new members are to be allowed to delegate representatives to the Kurdish National Council relative to their strength. Exact information on this is not yet available.


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