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Tall Abyad: YPG captures Tall Abyad and surrounding villages

KURDWATCH, June 21, 2015—On June 16, 2015, fighters for the Democratic Union Party’s (PYD) People’s Defense Units (YPG) captured the entire city of Tall Abyad. Since capturing the Jabal ʿAbdulʿaziz (Çiyayê Kezwan) on June 5 [further information], the YPG has been able to advance a total of two hundred kilometers across a swath of territory between ten and twenty kilometers wide. Although the YPG advance was supported by air attacks by the US‑Air Force, the swift advance does suggest that heavy fighting with the Islamic State (IS) did not take place. When the YPG invaded Tall Abyad, it too had already been abandoned by most IS fighters. By June 20, the YPG had captured additional villages south of the city. On June 17, 2015, Salih Muslim, co-chairman of the PYD, told the Turkish newspaper Hürriyet that the Asayiş, the security service of the PYD, will share control of Tall Abyad with a YPG civilian administration. Employees of the transitional administration for the canton of Kobanî, which was appointed by the PYD, reported that Tall Abyad is to be integrated into the canton of Kobanî.


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