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ʿAfrin: Mass forcible recruitment now also taking place in ʿAfrin

KURDWATCH, June 25, 2015—According to statements from activists, on June 20, 2015, the Democratic Union Party’s (PYD) People’s Defense Units (YPG) raided numerous villages in the ʿAfrin region and forcibly recruited approximately two hundred young men. The villages of Jindiras (Cindirêsê), Juwayq (Coqê), Raju (Reco), Shiran (Şêran), Kafr Jannah (Kefercenê), Maidan (Meydano), Shaykh Khuruz (Şêxorzê), Zaʿrah (Zerê), Bulbul (Bilbilê) and Shaykh al‑Hadid (Şiyê) were among the raided villages. At least two minors, sixteen-year-old Muhammad Rasho and seventeen-year-old Jiwan Khalo, were among the recruits. On June 23, relatives of the conscripts demanded their release. There are currently thirty-six camps in the ʿAfrin region in which the YPG trains its militiamen, including conscripts.


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