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Tall Tamr: Underage YPG fighter severely wounded

KURDWATCH, June 30, 2015—In December 2014, Muhammad Khalid Kikiya (b. 6. January 1999 in ad‑Darbasiyah), who was fifteen-years-old at the time, disappeared from Erbil in Iraqi-Kurdistan, where he had fled with his parents and siblings to escape the civil war in Syria. His family suspected he was with the Democratic Union Party’s (PYD) People’s Defense Units (YPG). For months they tried to get information about his whereabouts from the YPG as well as from the Asayiş, the PYD’s security service, but they were always told that nothing was known about his whereabouts. In February 2015, the family finally learned that its son was indeed fighting for the YPG in Tall Tamr. He was deployed on an all-terrain vehicle mounted with machine guns and was in command of five fighters, who were also underage. In March he was critically wounded in al‑Aghibsh near Tall Tamr. With the help of the YPG, his family brought him to Iraqi-Kurdistan for treatment. His cousin ʿAli Jamil Kikiya told KurdWatch: »Muhammad is blind in one eye. He lost several fingers and can hardly walk due to the splinters in his leg.«


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