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Al-Hasakah: PYD’s Asayiş kidnaps father and son

KURDWATCH, July 21, 2015—On July 15, 2015, employees of the Asayiş, the security service of the Democratic Union Party (PYD), stormed the home of Asʿad Ibrahim Yasin, a member of the local committee of the Kurdistan Democratic Party – Syria (PDK‑S), in al‑Hasakah and beat him in front of his children. They then kidnapped him and his teenage son Ibrahim (b. 1998). Only a few days earlier, his son had been detained at an Asayiş checkpoint for wearing a peshmerga uniform. He had tried to join the Rojava Peshmerga in Iraqi-Kurdistan, however he was rejected because of his age, and he subsequently returned to Syria.


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