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ʿAfrin: Transitional administration authorizes Muhyiddin Shaykh Ali’s Democratic Yekîtî

KURDWATCH, July 29, 2015—On July 21, 2015, the Commission on Party Affairs for the transitional administration in the canton of ʿAfrin, appointed by the Democratic Union Party, approved an application submitted by Muhyiddin Shaykh Ali’s Kurdish Democratic Union Party in Syria (Democratic Yekîtî). The party is considered to have close ties to the PYD and had applied for authorization from the Commission in accordance with the Law on Political Parties enacted by the transitional administration [further information]. In contrast, the member parties of the Kurdish National Council have refused to apply for authorization from the transitional administration since this would recognize its legitimacy. Among the members of the National Council is a splinter party of the Democratic Yekîtî with the same name, led by Kamiran Haj ʿAbdu. It split from its parent party due to disagreements about the relationship to the PYD among other issues [further information].


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