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Al‑Qamishli: Four PYD supporters sentenced to prison

February 19, 2010 – On February 17, the single military judge in al‑Qamishli sentenced Elî Mihemed Meesûm Meemo (b. 1959), Salar Hisên Ehmed (b. 1990), Mihemed Newaf el‑Mihemed (b. 1991) and Bengî Şêx Mûsa Şêxmûs (b. 1978) to six months imprisonment pursuant to Article 307 of the Criminal Code. Pursuant to Article 288 of the Criminal Code, all four were additionally sentenced to three months imprisonment and a fine of 100 Syrian Lira for membership of an illegal association, the Democratic Union Party (PYD). Moreover, they must each pay fees and war surcharges of 9.75 Syrian Lira. Pursuant to Article 204 of the Criminal Code, the penalties were combined and the more severe penalty is to be carried out, resulting in six months imprisonment. Salar Hisên Ehmed, Mihemed Newaf el‑Mihemed and Bengî Şêx Mûsa Şêxmûs were sentenced in absentia.
As Elî Mihemed Meesûm Meemo has already spent six months and one day in prison – from January 19, 2009 to August 20, 2009 – his sentence is considered served. He will receive 10 Syrian Lira as compensation for the additional day of imprisonment. [Further information on the case]
Salar Hisên Ehmed and Bengî Şêx Mûsa Şêxmûs were detained from February 17, 2009 until May 17, 2009. They must therefore serve the remaining sentence of three months.
Mihemed Newaf el‑Mihemed was detained from February 18, 2009 until May 17, 2009 and must therefore serve the remaining sentence of three months and one day.
The verdicts may be appealed.


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