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Al-Qamishli: Military secret service torture four pupils

March 30, 2010 – On March 12, 2010, members of the military secret service arrested Mihyedîn Ehmed Mehmûd (b. 1991, secondary school, final year), Egîd Înad Xelef (b. 1994, 9th grader), Mihemed Fewaz Xelef (b. 1991, secondary school, final year) and Mihemed Ebas Xelef (b. 1992, secondary school, final year) in the village of Xezna (al-Qamishli district). They were brought on the same day to the military secret service in al-Qamishli, where they were beaten and kicked.
On March 12, the anniversary of the March 2004 riots, members of the military secret service arrived in Xezna just as residents were preparing to hold a minute of silence to commemorate the victims. They shot into the air and demanded that the residents surrender the four pupils. Mihyedîn Ehmed Mehmûd, Egîd Înad Xelef, Mihemed Fewaz Xelef and Mihemed Ebas Xelef were accused of conspiring to set fire to the post office in Xezna.
Mihemed Ebas Xelef was released from custody on March 21, 2010. He was not in the village on March 12, but had been studying elsewhere for his school-leaving exams. Mihyedîn Ehmed Mehmûd, Egîd Înad Xelef and Mihemed Fewaz Xelef have been held by the military secret service in Damascus since March 22, 2010. On March 11, the three pupils, who are preparing for important exams, had lit candles in memory of the victims of the March 2004 riots. Kurdish parties in Syria have called out for this action since 2005.


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