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Aleppo: Four students and a pupil in custody for participation in Halabja memorial event

April 9, 2010 – Four students from the University of Aleppo and one school pupil have been in custody in Aleppo since March 16, 2010. Ferman Hisên Mihemed Elî (b. 1991, first-year pedagogy student), Henadî Temo Mihemed (b. 1989, second-year mechanical engineering student), Ronak Ebdilrehman Mihemed (b. 1989, second-year electrical engineering student), Siamend Mihemed Etê (b. 1986, first-year French language student), and Ebdilezîz Mihemed Etê (b. 1993, ninth grade) were arrested on the University of Aleppo campus by university members of the Baʿth Party for taking part in a minute of silence for the victims of the poison gas attack on the Iraqi-Kurdish city of Halabja. They were transferred to the military police in Aleppo.


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