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Damascus: Enwer Naso released from custody—Hesen Ibrahîm Salih, Mihemed Ehmed Mistefa, and Meerûf Mele Ehmed remain in prison

May 8, 2010 – On April 22, 2010, Enwer Naso, a common member of the Kurdish Union Party in Syria (Yekîtî), was released from custody. On December 26, 2009, armed members of the Political Security Directorate had arrested Naso along with Hesen Salih, Meerûf Mele Ehmed, and Mihemed Mistefa, all three members of the Yekîtî politburo, in the office of the al‑Qamishli district commissioner; they were then brought to al‑Hasakah. There they were detained for ten days, nine of them in solitary confinement. During this period they received only one meal per day; some days there were no meals. Additionally, Enwer Naso was tortured during his time in prison in al‑Hasakah. During an interrogation he was first hit in the face and subsequently beaten on the feet with a water pipe. The four detainees had to make written statements as to whether, and if so why, they advocated the right of Kurdish self-determination.
On January 4, 2010 Hesen Ibrahîm Salih, Mihemed Ehmed Mistefa, Meerûf Mele Ehmed, and Enwer Naso were brought to the Political Security Directorate’s al‑Faihaʾ prison in Damascus. Meeruf Mele Ehmed and Enwer Naso were placed in a common cell of roughly five square meters. It was cold and damp, but in contrast to the cell in al‑Hasakah, it had a toilet. Ehmed and Naso suffered from pains in the chest which spread to their ears and led to significant balance problems and nausea. Mihemed Mistefa was held in another cell with three prisoners who were unknown to him. Hesen Salih was first held in the treatment room of the prison doctor, but was relocated to Mihemed Mistefa’s cell on April 10, 2010. All that the prisoners received from outside of the prison were clothes that their families had brought. However, these were so damaged during the inspection for prohibited items that they were useless. The prisoners were nevertheless forbidden to repair them. At first the prisoners were allowed five minutes of yard exercise per day; later this was reduced to once every fourteen days. Twice a week they visited a doctor. They were interrogated in handcuffs several times; their eyes were usually bound. All petitions for transfer to a conventional prison were declined.
On April 19, 2010, Hesen Ibrahîm Salih, Mihemed Ehmed Mistefa, Meerûf Mele Ehmed, and Enwer Naso were presented to the Supreme State Security Court. The judge partly reviewed the statements recorded in the interrogation protocols. Following the proceedings, Enwer Naso was released from custody on April 22. No suit was filed. He had stated he was a political activist, an artist and poet, as well as a Yekîtî sympathizer. Hesen Ibrahîm Salih, Mihemed Ehmed Mistefa, and Meerûf Mele Ehmed remain in custody.
As a result of the beatings and the poor prison conditions, Naso still suffers from pain and ringing in his left ear as well as kidney pain. Additionally, he has difficulty speaking due to damage to a tooth. [Further information on the case]


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