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Al‑Qahtaniyah: State Security Service refuses to issue identity documents to Kurds living abroad and their relatives—the first names are available

KURDWATCH, May 27, 2010 – At the beginning of May, the State Security Service forwarded lists with the names of people living abroad to the civil register offices in al‑Hasakah province with the stipulation that the people listed could only be issued identification papers and other documents with the prior approval of the State Security Service. The same applies to family members who request papers on which the name of the listed person appears—for example extracts from the family register. Those affected are predominantly Kurds; only a few Arabs and Christians are named.
KurdWatch has successfully obtained 30 of the 37 names that were forwarded to the register office in al‑Qahtaniyah (Tirbesipî). The people listed here were originally registered in al‑Qahtaniyah. Some of them are politically active; others have thus far hardly shown themselves to be part of the opposition. KurdWatch is currently researching further background information and lists of names from other civil register offices will soon be published on KurdWatch.

List of names from al‑Qahtaniyah:

Aslan Xaçik
Bengî Haco
Bercez el‑Şiwêş
Cengîzxan Şêx Umer
Dara Mihemed Mistefa
Dara Mihemed Mûsa
Ebdilbaqî Salih el‑Yûsif
Ebdilbasit Hesen Hisên
Ebdilxefûr Usman
Ehmed Ibrahîm Raşîd
Emîna Ibrahîm Kendî
Hemza el‑Şiwêş
Iliyas Xelef
Îmad Iskan Ehmed
Kamîran Haco
Mehaz Elwan Heqî
Mesûd Xelef
Mihemed Ibrahîm Reşîd
Mihemed Salih Nûrî el‑Umer
Mihemed Sefa Heqî
Mihemed Xêr Remedan
Muhtesim Şêxmûs Çelho
Rênas Umer
Ridwan Ebid Mihemed
Riyad Mihemed el‑Hisên
Serdar Sebrî
Şêrko Ebdilkerîm Ebas
Şêrko Xerbî Ebas
Xalid Elwan Heqî
Xelîl Hesen


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