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Damascus: Three months after his arrest, Henan Ebdo Ebdilqadir is dead

KURDWATCH, July 2, 2010—On June 28, 2010, the body of Henan Ebdo Ebdilqadir (b. 1983, married, one child) was handed over to his relatives at the Tishrin Military Hospital in Damascus. The family was informed that Ebdilqadir died of a heart attack. Members of the Air Force Intelligence Directorate had arrested the Democratic Union Party (PYD) supporter one week after the festivities for the Kurdish New Year’s festival (Newroz) on March 21, 2010 in the city of ar‑Raqqah. To date nothing is known about the reasons for his arrest. Whether Ebdilqadir’s death was a result of torture is also unknown. Thus far his family has not wanted to comment on the death of its son.


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