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Damascus: Family of six deported from Germany, two people detained

KURDWATCH, August 8, 2010—On the morning of July 27, 2010, the Essen immigration authority had a family of six deported to Damascus. Hamzah Hasan (b. 1984) and Khalid Hasan (b. 1967) were arrested by Syrian security forces upon arrival at the Damascus airport. Their current whereabouts are unknown. Of those deported, three—Hamzah, Mariam (b. 1989), and Imad Hasan (b. 1988)—were born in Germany. Their parents had petitioned for asylum in Germany and during the process had provided a false identity. Originally they had claimed to come from Lebanon and only later revealed their Syrian citizenship. Apparently Hamzah and Khalid Hasan were arrested because they committed a criminal offense in Germany. It is unclear who informed the Syrian security forces of their offense.


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