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Al‑Hasakah: Travel ban on two doctors

KURDWATCH, August 19, 2010—At the beginning of July 2010, the ophthalmologist Mustafa ʿAbdulfatah ʿUji (b. 1975, married, two children) was told at the Bab al‑Hawa border point on the Syrian-Turkish border near Aleppo that he was not allowed to leave the country and should contact the Political Security Directorate in al‑Hasakah. At the same time, ʿUji learned that the dentist ʿIsa ʿAbdulhalim Shaykhu (b. 1974, married, two children) had also been placed under a travel ban. From October 22–24, 2009, both men, along with other Kurdish doctors from Syria, had taken part in the Mesopotamian Health Days in Diyarbakır (Turkey). The Mesopotamian Health Days is a convention for Kurdish doctors from Iraq, Turkey, Syria, Iran, and Europe. Members of the Political Security Directorate in al‑Hasakah had already interrogated Mustafa ʿAbdulfatah ʿUji about the matter in March 2010.


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