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Berlin: Did German authorities forward information from Kanju’s asylum file to Syria?

KURDWATCH, August 29, 2010—KurdWatch has at hand the protocol of the State Security Service’s hearing of Khalid Maʿmu Kanju download PDF], the State Security Service’s letter to the prosecution in Damascus download PDF], as well as the verdict against Kanju download PDF]. Kanju was deported from Germany to Syria on September 1, 2009; in the meantime he has returned to Germany. From the documents it becomes evident that, among other things, Kanju was convicted due to his political activities in exile. Moreover the intelligence service protocol indicates that Kanju gave the names of friends and acquaintances who took part in campaigns in Germany that were critical of the regime. In a conversation with KurdWatch, Kanju explained that he had divulged the names under torture. He additionally reports that the State Security Service confronted him with information from his German asylum file. Thus the intelligence service knew that in his hearing before the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees he testified that during his military service he had passed secret information along to the US Embassy. He only confirmed this information under torture. Kanju suspects that the immigration authority of his district passed information from his asylum file on to the Syrian Embassy. [Further information on the case]


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