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Damascus: Deportee from Germany released from custody after 29 days

KURDWATCH, September 7, 2010—On August 24, 2010 Hamzah Hasan, was released from custody in Damascus. He and his cousin, Khalid Hasan, were arrested at the Damascus Airport on July 27, following their deportation from Germany. According to statements by Hasan, he was held in three different locations. However, it was not apparent to Hasan, a Kurd born in the Federal Republic of Germany, which security services held him. Hasan claims that the justification for his arrest was his previous theft conviction in Germany, which allegedly required him to serve his sentence in Syria. In fact, according to Hasan, the sentence had been suspended. Moreover Hasan states that he was wrongly accused of having a drug addiction, also with regard to his German file. Hamzah Hasan assumes that proceedings against him are pending, however, he does not know before which court, nor when the first hearing will take place. Thus far nothing is known about the whereabouts of his cousin Khalid Hasan. [Further information on the case]


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