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ʿAfrin: Following elections all co-chair positions on the municipal councils are to be filled by TEV‑DEM

KURDWATCH, September 17, 2015—On September 10, 2015, the Supreme Election Commission carried out municipal elections in the canton of ʿAfrin. The Supreme Election Commission is governed by the transitional administration, which was appointed by the Democratic Union Party (PYD). Two co‑chairs were elected to the municipal councils of each of a total of thirty‑one municipalities. Shaykh Ali’s Kurdish Democratic Union Party in Syria (Demokratische Yekîtî) was the only party besides the Movement for a Democratic Society (TEV‑DEM), which is under PYD control, to take part in the elections. On September 12, the Supreme Election Commission announced that TEV‑DEM had won all posts. In a statement the Democratic Yekîtî accused the chairs of numerous election committees of being biased. No details were provided. The Democratic Yekîtî also announced that it does not wish to participate in the municipal council elections. Councilors are to be elected on October 2. 


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