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Al-Qamishli: Christian organizations condemn PYD policies

KurdWatch, October 30, 2015—On October 21, 2015, seventeen Christian organizations operating in al-Hasakah province, including eight churches, condemned the policies of the Democratic Union Party (PYD). According to a joint statement: »The law on administering the funds of those who are absent or have emigrated [further information] is in conflict with the principles of human rights and civil rights. The right to private property is a sacred right, and the attempt to designate emigrants as traitors to patriotism and the nation is unacceptable. […] Such a law represents a demographic threat to Christians in the Jazirah.« 

The PYD’s forcible recruitments [download report] were also criticized: »It is intolerable that citizens in this country are being forcibly recruited by two different sides at the same time.« On education policy [further information], the statement says: »Interference in the affairs of the Christian schools in the Jazirah is unfounded and unacceptable.«


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