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ʿAmudah: Commemorations of 1960 cinema fire

KurdWatch, November 20, 2015—In commemoration of the ʿAmudah cinema fire that killed several hundred school children on November 13, 1960, the Ministry of Culture for the transitional administration of the canton of Jazirah, which was appointed by the Democratic Union Party (PYD), held a symposium for painters. Eighteen artists from the canton met in ʿAmudah’s »Park of Martyrs,« which is located on the site of the former cinema. The Kurdish National Council held a commemorative event on November 12, 2015 in ʿAmudah to mark the same occasion. Approximately two hundred people took part in the rally. No incidents were reported.

To this day, most of the Kurdish parties in Syria assume that the cinema fire was an attack by the Syrian government; however, KurdWatch’s research does not support this interpretation [download report]


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