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ʿAmudah: PYD once again recruits student

KurdWatch, November 29, 2015—On November 4, 2015, members of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) recruited underage Maisaʾ Muhyiddin Akirman (b. 2002 in ʿAmudah) in front of her school in ʿAmudah. Classmates told her family that Maisaʾ left the school with members of the PYD. That same day, relatives protested in front of a station run by the Asayiş, the PYD’s security service, demanding the girl’s return but to no avail. A visit to the PYD’s Women’s Defense Units (YPJ) was also unsuccessful—the YPJ denied knowing anything about the girl’s whereabouts. Further inquiries by the family revealed that their daughter is in a YPJ camp near al‑Malikiyah (Dêrik).


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