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Urfa: Bashar al-Hussayn remains in PYD custody although innocent

KurdWatch, December 3, 2015—After the Democratic Union Party’s (PYD) People’s Defense Units (YPG) captured the city of Tall Abyad in June 2015, Bashar al‑Hussayn, a mechanic, was arrested on the grounds that he had placed explosives in cars for the Islamic State (IS). In a panel discussion for the Orient news channel on September 28, 2015, ʿUmar Alush, who is politically responsible for Tall Abyad and a long‑standing cadre of the Kurdistan Worker’s Party (PKK), said that al‑Hussayn is innocent and would be set free. At the beginning of November 2015 the activist Subhi Sukkar finally met Alush in Urfa. Sukkar enquired about the pending release of al‑Hussayn. Alush responded: »Al‑Hussayn is innocent but we can’t just release him after [the human rights activist] Ahmad Haj Salih publicly discussed the case on TV. It would look like we let ourselves be pressured. As a result, he will be released at a later date.« 


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