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ʿAmuda: PDK-S member kidnapped and beaten by PYD

KurdWatch, December 7, 2015—On November 24, 2015, two unknown persons demanded that taxi driver Sulayman ʿUthman Sulayman, a member of the Kurdistan Democratic Party—Syria (PDK‑S), drive them from ʿAmuda to the village of Dudan near the Turkish border. A few kilometers outside the city, they forced Sulayman to stop the car, blindfolded him at gunpoint and beat him up. Sulayman told KurdWatch: »The kidnappers hit me and threatened to kill me if I criticized the PYD again.«

The day before, there was an altercation between Sulayman and two employees of the Asayiş, the security service of the Democratic Union Party (PYD). An Asayiş car drove in front of Sulayman’s taxi and he honked the horn to signal that the vehicle should get out of the way. A verbal confrontation followed and Sulayman was taken to the Asayiş station. An hour later he was released.


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