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Aleppo: Islamists attack Shaikh Maqsud

KurdWatch, December 13, 2015—On November 27, 2015, fighters for the Islamic factions Harakat Ahrar ash‑Sham al‑Islamiya and Ahrar Suriya gave the Democratic Union Party (PYD) a deadline of twenty-four hours to remove its militia, the People’s Defense Units (YPG), from the Aleppo city district of Shaikh Maqsud, which it controls. Between November 28 and December 3, 2015 the neighborhood was hit with ground‑to‑ground missiles. According to YPG information, four civilians were killed and dozens injured during the attacks. On December 3, the YPG signed an agreement with the Operations Center for the Liberation of Aleppo, an alliance of Free Syrian Army  FSA) and Islamist opposition groups with the exception of the Islamic State (IS). In it, both sides committed to end all hostilities. The fighters of both parties should withdraw to their regions. Thus, the YPG continues to control Shaikh Maqsud.


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