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Aleppo: Tahsin Khairi Mamo is dead

KURDWATCH, July 5, 2011—On June 29, 2011, the family of Tahsin Khairi Mamo was informed that their son has been dead since 2008. The family was issued a death certificate, but no body was released. According to a statement by the Kurdish Unity Party (Yekîtî), Tahsin Khairi Mamo was shot to death in connection with a hunger strike in the Saydnayah prison near Damascus on July 5, 2008. Mamo had been tried at the Supreme State Security Court, which was dissolved in May download decree]. Mamo´s file was then given over to the responsible civil court in Aleppo, resulting in the news of the death coming out in the open. [Further information on this case]


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