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Tunis: Syrian National Council seeks constitutional recognition of the national Kurdish identity

KURDWATCH, December 22, 2011—During its first Congress from December 17 to 18 in Tunis, the Syrian National Council, an oppositional coalition founded in Istanbul on October 2, 2011, demanded the constitutional recognition of the national Kurdish identity, among other things. It also stressed that the Kurdish question is »a part of the general patriotic question in Syria«. The Syrian National Council demanded a solution to the Kurdish question based on the »elimination of injustice« against the Kurds, restitution for those affected, and the »recognition of the national rights of the Kurdish people within the framework of the unity of Syrian territory and the Syrian people«. Additionally, the Syrian National Council emphasized its rejection of discrimination against all religious, sectarian, and ethnic groups in Syrian society, whether Arabs, Kurds, Assyrians, Syriac, Turkmen or others, and it demanded a state in which all citizens have the same civil rights and duties.


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