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Aleppo: Democratic Yekîtî and PYD identify Sharzad Hajj Rashid’s alleged murderers

KURDWATCH, February 29, 2012—On February 24, 2012, the Kurdish Democratic Union Party in Syria (Democratic Yekîtî) declared in a press release that the alleged murderers of their party member Sharzad Hadjj Rashid [further information on the case] have been identified. The secretary of the Democratic Yekîtî, Muhiyuddin Shaykh Ali, told KurdWatch that he and representatives of the Democratic Union Party (PYD), which had helped with the arrest of the murderers, symbolically delivered Hasan Hamidu Muhammad Jamil (b. 1977) and Muhammad Muhammad ʿAli (b. 1978) to the father at the grave of the deceased. Subsequently the murderers, who are both Syrian Arabs from the region, were handed over to the Syrian authorities in ʿAnadan, their place of origin.
An activist from ʿAfrin described the story as »second-rate theater«. According to this informant, the PYD has become unsettled because the Free Syrian Army is also growing stronger in ʿAfrin, and, thus, it felt the need to present »murderers« in order to exonerate itself. Overall, he says that the PYD’s actions are currently more restrained than in recent weeks, and at least during the day it has refrained from patrolling the streets with weapons. According his information, the Free Syrian Army has several checkpoints between Aleppo und ʿAfrin


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