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Damascus: Eleven people arrested after a city district was stormed

KURDWATCH, March 8, 2012—On the morning of March5, 2012, members of the Military Intelligence Service and other Syrian security services stormed several homes in the majority Kurdish inhabited district of Wadi al‑Mashariʿ in Damascus. At least eleven people were arrested. The people in question are: Luqman Aiyub (member of the People’s Conference of West Kurdistan, a PYD organization), Dalil Luqman Aiyub, Haqqi Luqman Aiyub, Ahmad Khalaf, Dalil Ahmad Khalaf, Fayruschah Hajji ʿAli (member of the People's Conference of West Kurdistan), Shapal Tamr Yaʿqub, ʿAbdurrahman Khalid, Jiwan Khalid, Jigarkhwin Khalid, and Shorash Khalid. ʿAbdurrahman Khalid, Jigarkhwin Khalid, and Shorash Khalid were released the same day. The reason for the arrests is not yet known.


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