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Al-Qahtaniyah: Five teachers forcibly transferred

KURDWATCH, March 24, 2012—On 13. March 2012, the education authorities in al‑Hasakah ordered the transfer of five teachers. The teachers in question are Asʿad Sulaiman, ʿAli Sallum as‑Sanjar, Jihad Yusuf ʿAyash, ʿAbdurrahman Jawhar, and Nizar Bahram ʿIsa. Jawhar and ʿIsa are Kurds from al‑Qahtaniyah (Tirbesipî). The thirty-six year old ʿAbdurrahman Jawhar told KurdWatch that he and three of his transferred colleagues who also taught in al‑Qahtaniyah visited the branch of the education authorities there and asked about the reasons for their transfer. According to Jawhar, those in charge simply explained that the decision was in the interest of the general public. After government officials made the transfers public, hundreds of people, including many students, took part in a rally on March 13 in front of the education authorities in al‑Qahtaniyah and demanded the transfer’s reversal. Several people were injured when security forces attacked the gathering.


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