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Al-Hasakah: After nearly four years, still no verdict

KURDWATCH, March 28, 2012—On March 20, 2012, the Criminal Court in al‑Hasakah postponed the hearing of Munzir Oskan Ahmad (b. 1983 in Tanuriya). The reason for the postponement was the failure of witnesses to appear. This was also the case for the session on February 21. Ahmad is charged pursuant to Articles 287, 267 and 305 of the Criminal Code.
Munzir Oskan Ahmad was arrested on September 4, 2008 by the criminal investigation department in al‑Qamishli. He was transferred to the Political Security Directorate in al‑Hasakah and subsequently to the Political Security Directorate in Damascus. There he was detained in the al-fihaʾ remand prison. On October, 2008, Ahmad was handed over to the State Security Service. As of March, 2009, he once again became the responsibility of the Political Security Directorate; he was detained in the ʿAdra prison near Damascus. During his first five months in custody, Ahmad was tortured.
On January 08, 2011, Ahmad came before the court for the first time—the Supreme State Security Court in Damascus was responsible for his case. After its dissolution in May 2011 download decree] Ahmad was transferred to al‑Qamishli on May 19, 2011, and on June 1, 2011, he was transferred to the al‑Hasakah prison. Since then, the Criminal Court in al‑Hasakah has been responsible for his case. To date, four hearings have taken place before this court. The next session is scheduled for April 25, 2012.


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