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Istanbul: Kurds leave meeting of the Syrian opposition

KURDWATCH, March 31, 2012—On March 27, 2012, the Kurdish Patriotic Conference left a meeting of the Syrian Opposition in Istanbul in protest. The Syrian National Council had prepared the meeting. In his speech, ʿAbdulhakim Bashar, chairman of the Kurdish Democratic Party in Syria (el‑Partî), and member of the Kurdish Patriotic Conference, justified this step by explaining that the Kurdish party alliance had not been part of the preparations and that the final declaration up for discussion did not take Kurdish demands into consideration. Sardar Murad, representative of the Kurdish Future Movement in Syria, told KurdWatch that as far as Kurdish-specific demands were concerned, the final declaration suggested by the Syrian National Council remained far behind the declaration of Tunis.
At the meeting it was determined that the Syrian National Council is to be the official contact and representative of the Syrian people. The body is to be restructured and further groups are to join. The majority of Kurdish groups and individuals who are members of the Syrian National Council instead declared their withdrawal from the union.


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