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Al-Hasakah: Witness exonerates defendants

KURDWATCH, May 31, 2012—On May 23, 2012, in the course of the hearing against Munzir Iskan Ahmad (b. 1983 in Tanuriya), Jiwan Yusuf Yusuf (b. 1986 in al‑Qamishli) and Firas Jumʿah al‑Ahmad (b. 1983 in al Qamishli) [further information on the case], the criminal court in al Hasakah questioned Yusuf Nabi as a witness for the prosecution. According to Ahmad, Nabi testified that the accused had not committed the alleged police murders. Subsequently, Firas Jumʿah al‑Ahmad stated for the record that the accused were tortured in custody and forced to confess. The next session is scheduled for June 19, 2012.


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