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ʿAmudah: State workers vacate several offices

KURDWATCH, July 27, 2012—On July 20, 2012, security forces and numerous other state workers left the city of ʿAmudah. The cultural center, the Baʿth party office, and the district administration were among the buildings vacated. For several hours, activists surrounded the State Security Service office. The Democratic Union Party (PYD) granted employees there a period of several hours before they were forced to leave the building. Members of the PYD's People's Protection Committee erected roadblocks to prevent other activists from storming the office. Shortly after midnight, all State Security Service employees left the office after all important documents and records had been burned. PYD supporters also protected the district administration until all of its employees and the director had left the building. Armed members of various Kurdish parties are protecting several buildings, including the post office. Employees of service offices are allowed to continue their work. The police headquarters in ʿAmudah was not surrendered; moreover, the headquarters of the Military Intelligence Service and the Political Security Directorate, located approximately two kilometers outside of the city, are still occupied by regular Syrian security forces.


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