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Al-Qamishli: Kurdish Democratic Political Union—Syria established

KURDWATCH, January 7, 2013—On December 15, 2012, ʿAbdulhakim Bashar’s Kurdish Democratic Party in Syria (el‑Partî), the Kurdish Union Party in Syria (Yekîtî), Mustafa Khidr Oso's Kurdish Freedom Party in Syria (Azadî), and Mustafa Jumʿa’s Kurdish Freedom Party in Syria (Azadî) announced the establishment of the »Kurdish Democratic Political Union—Syria«. Approximately one thousand five hundred people were present at the founding ceremony in al‑Qamishli. The Union was portrayed as a project on the way to forming a new party. Responding to the question of whether the two Azadî parties would unite within the Political Union, Dawran Malke, a member of the local committee of Mustafa Khidr Oso’s Azadî in al‑Qamishli, told KurdWatch: »Of course we want to join the two parties very quickly, but just like the other two parties, each Azadî party will initially be treated as a separate party. All steps toward unification


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