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Raʾs al-ʿAyn: YPG signs agreement with FSA

KURDWATCH, February 23, 2013—After weeks of armed conflicts between the Democratic Union Party’s (PYD) People’s Defense Units (YPG) and Free Syrian Army (FSA) groups [further information], including Jabhat an-Nusrah, a meeting took place between representatives of the YPG and FSA on February 17, 2013. After the meeting, a declaration covering the following resolutions was issued:
1. Repositioning of military forces and complete withdrawal of all military units from the city.
2. Temporary formation by mutual agreement of a steering committee composed of representatives from both sides, whose task is to supervise the implementation of this declaration.
3. Formation by mutual agreement of a civilian local committee composed of representatives of the city’s various [ethnic and religious] groups to administer all city issues.
4. The control of the border crossing by this committee.
5. The local committee is sovereign. Military forces may not influence its work.
6. Establishment of joint YPG and FSA checkpoints at the entrances to the city.
7. Simplification of the procedures and protection of people, goods, and military forces of both sides when passing through checkpoints belonging to the other side.
8. Cooperation of FSA and YPG to free those cities that remain under the control of the regime.
9. Cities and villages in which the regime is not present, such as ad‑Darbasiyah, ʿAmudah, Tall Tamr, al‑Maʿbada (Girkê Legê), and al‑Malikiyah (Dêrik), are free cities. They will be declared as such in a joint declaration by both sides.
10. End of all hostile campaigns by both sides.
11. The introduction [which speaks out against racism and for the fall of the Syrian regime] is an integral part of this agreement.


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