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Al-Qamishli: Democratic Yekîtî threatens split

KURDWATCH, May 14, 2013—In a statement on May 1, 2013, Kamiran Haj ʿAbdu, a member of the steering committee for the Kurdish Democratic Union Party in Syria (Democratic Yekîtî), accused the secretary of the party, Muhiyuddin Shaykh Ali, and the steering committee of manipulating the political policies of the program passed at the last party congress [further information]. The closing statement, which he himself helped prepare, would have called for the fall of the regime. The published version, however, only discusses an end to the rule of the security apparatus. Due to this and other differences of opinion, a group of members of the Democratic Yekîtî announced their withdrawal from the party in early May. A member of the Democratic Yekîtî told KurdWatch: »Ali’s ambitions to control the party became clear at the party congress. Members of various party circles have called for a special party congress. Ali must not be allowed to simply ignore the demands of party members.«


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