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Berlin: Deportation from Germany—father and son in custody

KURDWATCH, February 13, 2011—On February 1, 2011, the Hildesheim Immigration Authority deported Badir Naso (b. 1948) and his son Anwar Naso (b. 1996) to Syria. Badir Naso’s diabetic wife could not be sent back as she collapsed at the airport and had to be taken to the hospital for treatment. Upon their arrival in Damascus, Badir and Anwar Naso were immediately arrested and transferred to the Emigration and Passport Authority. Anwar Naso is accused of making false statements about his age. He is still being held by the Emigration and Passport Authority and must wait for a certificate of his identity from al‑Hasakah. His father was initially brought to the Political Security Directorate and interrogated, and was subsequently transferred to the ʿAdra prison near Damascus. On February 11, he was to be transferred to the prison in al‑Hasakah. The accusations against Badir Naso are thus far unknown. Badir and Anwar Naso are registered stateless people (ajanib).


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