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Damascus: Imprisoned human rights activists tortured

KURDWATCH, March 18, 2011—The imprisoned human rights activists Kamal Husayn Shaykhu, Nasruddin Ahmi (b. 1971, married, six children), Fahima Salih Usi (b. 1979), alias Harvin Usi, and ʿAbdurrazzaq Tammu (b. 1971, married, one child) were beaten with batons during their arrest and while being held in prison. Nasruddin Ahmi sustained head injuries. Harvin Usi is currently on hunger strike to protest their arrest. On March 17, 2011, the first military investigating judge in Damascus interrogated the four human rights activists along with 28 other people and decided that they will remain in prison. They are accused of criminal offenses pursuant to Articles 285 and 286 of the Criminal Code. Thus far no charges have been filed. [Further information on the case]


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