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Al-Hasakah: Oppositional attorney faces occupational ban

KURDWATCH, August 6, 2011—On August 4, 2011, the al-Hasakah branch of the Syrian bar association questioned the attorney Mustafa Khidir Oso (b. 1964, married, four children) regarding his activities as a human rights activist. Oso was questioned at the behest of the president of the Syrian bar association. He is accused of violating statute No. 30 of 2010, a statute that addresses the organization of the legal profession. Among other things, Article 4 of this statute states that it is the bar association´s task to pursue the goals of the Arab nation and to be juridically active for the purposes of Arab society.
In recent weeks, Oso gave numerous television interviews on the situation of human rights in Syria. Among other things, he explained that the Syrian regime had lost its legitimacy due to the many fatalities among the demonstrators. Moreover, Oso took part in a demonstration on July 26, 2011 in al-Hasakah. As an attorney and the chairman of the Kurdish Organization for the Defense of Human Rights and General Freedoms in Syria (DAD), Oso has also represented numerous political prisoners before the court in recent years.
Oso, who has worked as an attorney since 1992, is now facing an occupational ban.


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