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ʿAfrin: Activists arrested yet again

KURDWATCH, October 24, 2011—On October 20, 2011, employees of the Political Security Directorate arrested the activist Arsham Chawish in his apartment in ʿAfrin; his laptop was confiscated. Bashar Husayn Husayn in and ʿAbdurrahman Yusuf were also arrested on October 20 in ʿAfrin after they answered a summons from the State Security Service to report for questioning. Husayn and Yusuf were transferred to the State Security Service Directorate in Aleppo. As an activist from ʿAfrin reported, the three aforementioned individuals represent only a fraction of those arrested in recent days. According to this activist, mass arrests played a significant role in the fact that there were no organized protests in ʿAfrin on that Friday.


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