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Al‑Qamishli: Hearing on possession of el-Partî publications scheduled

January 26, 2010 – Mehmûd Zibêr Mehmûd, Zibêr Hesen Mehmûd and Ebdilwehab Şêxmûs el‑Faris are to appear before the single military judge in al‑Qamishli on February 10, 2010. After their arrest on September 11, 2009, during which party publications of Dr. Ebdilhekîm Beşar’s Kurdish Democratic Party in Syria (el‑Partî) were secured, they were transferred to the Political Security Directorate prison in al‑Haskah on September 14. On December 16, they were brought before the military prosecution in Damascus. Since the latter stated it was not responsible, the above-named individuals were transferred on the same day to the military prosecution in Aleppo, where they were interrogated on December 20. Following interrogation, Ebdilwehab Şêxmûs el‑Faris was released. On December 22, all three individuals were charged with possession of party publications pursuant to Article 307 of the Criminal Code. Mehmûd Zibêr Mehmûd and his father, Zibêr Hesen Mehmûd, are remanded in custody in Aleppo’s central prison. [Further information on the case]


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