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Damascus: Very few politically indicted Kurds benefit from Presidential Decree No. 22

February 26, 2010 – With Presidential Decree No. 22, dated February 24, 2010, President Bashar al Asad granted amnesty to those who, prior to February 23, 2010, committed offenses punishable by up to three years in prison. However, explicitly excluded from this decree are all offences against Articles 307 and 308 of the Criminal Code. Since numerous Kurdish activists are prosecuted under these Articles, the number of Kurds indicted for political reasons who would otherwise benefit from the decree is limited. Only those accused of acts punishable by Article 288 of the Criminal Code are beneficiaries of the decree. Accordingly the following have been released from prison or proceedings against them have been terminated:
Mihemed Salih Xelîl [Further information on the case]
Fêsel Sebrî Neeso, Fener Cemîl Seedun, and Nesridîn Mihemed Berhik [Further information on the case]
Bahcad Elî Ibrahîm [Further information on the case]
Rojîn Cumaa Remo, Feleknaz Xelîl, Efra Musa Mihemed and Mihemed Xelîl Xelîl [Further information on the case]
Ehmed Ebdela Tacidîn, Mihemed Şerîf Silêman Mihemed, Fuad Murad Ehmed and Yasîn Mihemed Şêxmûs [Further information on the case]
Lokan Silêman Xidir, Idrîs Mihemed Mihemed, Rêwan Cemîl Cemîl and Enwer Ebdilrehman Elî [Further information on the case]
Fuad Elîko and Faris Xelîl Iniz [Further information on the case]


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